Meditate [Prod. by fantompower]

from Circa '16 by Ven

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Your personal mandala is your own life's flower.
And flowers stay in tuned with The Way. They naturally bloom.


The universe is one song you gotta catch on to the rhythm.
But how you do that? You gotta listen.


The infinity out there is the infinity inside.
It's really like a fractal. Meditate and magnify.


And what I'm really tryna indicate
is that we never separate
from something meditation sees that eyes don't grasp.
And if you start to wonder
and you feel you gotta ask
"How you 'spose to meditate?"
meditate on that.


After all bewilderment there will be comprehension.
Before comprehension there's always bewilderment.


The day follows night and the night follows day.
Mystery and understanding work the same exact way.


It's like a finger pointing up to the moon.
Don't focus on your thoughts. Rather what they come through.


What you see when you meditate? Nothing?
Yet that's where your dreams and ideas have been coming.
If forms come from thought and all thoughts come from (...).
The Nondescript effortlessly inspires all things.

Meditate. (x4)

Observe the Observable Now at the perimeter
and see that everything within it is courtesy of the Tao,
and everything outside is eternity and unbound,
and how your (higher) inner self can intermingle with this Power.
Touch the untouchable,
see the unseeable,
hear in the inaudible,
all described by Lao.
You may not understand but just hear me for a while.
Pay attention to your thoughts and inner images you helm.
Be more aware of those than the words I'm sayin' now.
The door to the way (The Way) faces inward and not out.
Evoke a flash of thought on your interior film
to access the ethereal realm.

Concentrate on the wind
and how we never see yet we know it exists
because we all feel it with the right awareness.
It takes cognizance
to sense what I'm sayin' 'bout the ambiguous just..

Meditate. (x5)

[Jacob Needleman]
"Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace." (-Buddha)


[Jacob Needleman]
"One word, That brings peace." (-Buddha)

Meditate. (x2)


from Circa '16, released August 19, 2017


all rights reserved



Ven Sacramento, California

Aristotle once said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Ven is a living testament to this quote. The 25 year- old from Boston is not just another conscious rapper, but an illustrator of consciousness.
His debut album, Circa ’16, emphasizes mindfulness and has even been deemed as "meditative rap" by some.
Whatever the label Ven is definitely a unique artist with unique sound.
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